Welcome to Marietta, Ohio

Marietta is a historic and elegant town nestled at the confluence of two rivers. Visitors come to wander our shady brick streets and gaze at Victorian mansions. They love to browse for antiques and make merry in our bars and restaurants.

Twilight in Marietta Ohio
A perfect summer evening in downtown Marietta

But there is another Marietta, a city few visitors see. A Hidden Marietta exists just below the surface of ordinary life. It is a place where the past bleeds into the present and the line that separates the living from the dead blurs.

Do you believe in ghosts?

The Castle Marietta Ohio
Mist swirls around The Castle

Many Marietta residents do. The entire town is a paranormal hot spot. No one really knows why. Perhaps it’s the layers of history and the lasting impact of the people who lived and died here. Or it could relate to the ancient Hopewell and Adena people whose mysterious mounds dot the city. Whatever the reason, Marietta has more than its share of restless spirits. Curious? Join us for an evening Ghost Trek.

Ancient Magic

More than 2000 years ago the most sophisticated people in North America built grand pyramids, mounds and enormous geometric enclosures in the place we now call Marietta. Time and “progress” have destroyed portions of the original complex, but sacred places have a way of surviving. Join us on a guided walking tour of Marietta’s Ancient Earthworks.

Ancient Adena earthworks in Marietta Ohio
The great mound Conus is at the heart of Mound Cemetery.


The face of Marietta has changed multiple times throughout its history, but a closer look will
reveal key links to the past, and truly let you step back in time. Join us on our Urban History Hike to learn about the fires, floods, epidemics and other disasters that Marietta has courageously faced.


In addition to our regular tours, Hidden Marietta offers special programs and events with a historic (and ghostly!) flavor throughout the year.

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Welcome to the other side of Ohio’s oldest city. Welcome to Hidden Marietta.

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